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Growing up I’ve always had a sixth sense of energies and spirits. My Dad and Mom instilled and encouraged these gifts. Since I was little, I have always accepted them as part of me and last year I had the opportunity to increase these gifts with Reiki.

Reiki energy can only be positive and of pure light. I had the privilege to work with wonderful healers and enhance my abilities. I love using the bright white energy from the creator to fulfill and help restore humankind.

Energy healing is perfect for this time right now because it can be done remotely. We are all in this together. Giving a helping hand and a rainbow bridge to ease dis-tress is a passion of mine. I love painting, especially Angel intuitive paintings.

My family is a huge part of my success and encouragement. My husband and I have two girls, one boy and two fur babies. We live in the gorgeous PNW and enjoy our blessings everyday.

Sending you out abundant joy, love and light!

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